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The first "Athens COP Simulation" lasted for two days (10-11 January 2020).

The 40 participants were divided into groups of 5, and each group simulated a different role: the European Union, the USA, other developed countries, China, India and other developing countries. In addition, other important roles of international climate negotiators were simulated, i.e. climate activists and the fossil fuels industry.

Participants attended 3 preparatory lectures on international and European institutional processes, diplomacy and negotiation issues, as well as procedural matters of the Simulation. They received the Simulation Handbook, containing the Study Guide and the Rules of Procedure of the Simulation. Relevant material was also distributed with information on each group's policy. In particular, each group received a policy document with the political position of the role they would simulate, under which the participants promoted their respective policy, during the negotiations on global warming. Specifically, the debate revolved around three pillars, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, land use policies and green funding.


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