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This tailor-made seminar is addressed to high-school teachers who are interested to broaden their additional knowledge on a very current topic, such as climate change and the EU’s role in tackling it. The seminar will consist of four lectures (10 hours in total), covering all the necessary information that someone needs to have to be able to communicate the problem of climate change and the policies that the EU implements to combat it.

This activity attempts to fill the gap of the climate change topic that is regularly overlooked by the curriculum of the secondary school programmes. Apart from the fact that the participants will broaden their knowledge of European climate policy and diplomacy, this action aims at two very important functions:

  • First, to disseminate academic research to the wider society, and
  • Second, to distribute the knowledge about climate change and the role of the EU to tackle it to young students who, in a few years, will be active members of society.

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