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Athens PhD Seminars

on methodology

The “Athens PhD seminars” were held every December/February at the Department’s premises (42-44, Aiolou str. Monastiraki area, Athens). In total, 63 PhD students from Greek universities had the opportunity to attend 5 lectures (4 hours each) focused on the following methodological and research themes: research design, qualitative and quantitative methods, qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) as well as mixed research methods in social sciences. The Athens PhD Seminars’ Notes, delivered to all participants one month before the beginning of each seminar, included course syllabi, reading material as well as related literature. At the end of each seminar, tutors provided to participants their presentation. Course structure encouraged constructive discussion and provided participants the opportunity to get advice and receive feedback by tutors on their PhD research methodology.


More information on the Athens PhD Seminars: here (in Greek)