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Working Papers

Vallianatou A. (2010) The Reforms of the Lisbon Treaty on the Rotating EU Presidency: Breaking the powers of small member-states in CFSP Affairs?, IEIP Working Paper B01/2010

Ananiadis B. (2007) From Lisbon to Lisbon: Narratives of Social Europe, IEIP Working Paper A02/2007

Diamantopoulos C. (2007) Thoughts on logical positivism, simon's decision theory and the aristotelian teleology, IEIP Working Paper A01/2007

Petrelli M. & Vallianatou A. (2006) The medium-small and big member states: willing enough to draw common positions during the European Convention and IGC debate on CFSP and ESDP?, IEIP Working Paper B02/2006

Kotsiaros A. (2006) The change of the Greek foreign policy strategy towards Turkey: the Greek official political discourse, IEIP Working Paper B01/2006

Triantidis A. (2005) Interests, Ideas and Norms: The Strategy of 'Symbiosis' in the European Neighbourhood Policy, IEIP Working Paper B03/2005

Choros P. (2005) Political Conditionality in the European Neighbourhood Policy: The Case of the Southern Mediterranean, IEIP Working Paper B02/2005

Vallianatou A. (2005) The Iraq crisis: did the fourth EU-Greek Presidency follow a problem solving approach?, IEIP Working Paper B01/2005

Kazakos P. (2005) Scenarios for the future of Europe, IEIP Working Paper A01/2005

Triantafyllou M. (2004) Forecasting conflicts with the use of event data: The Greek-Turkish case of Imia, IEIP Working Paper B04/2004

Frangakis N., Papayannidis A.D., Demiri E. & Vlioras E. (2004) FORNET CFSP Annual Report 2004 Greece, IEIP Working Paper B03/2004

Demiri E. & Vlioras E. (2004) The Greek contribution to CFSP and Civilian Crisis Management, IEIP Working Paper B02/2004

Andreou G. (2004) Regional Policy in Greece. Sectoral Case Study. The Operational Programme “Competitiveness”, IEIP Working Paper B01/2004

Koutsiaras N. & Andreou G. (2004) Small can be beautiful: The EU budget - and the financial perspectives for 2007-2013, IEIP Working Paper A01/2004

Policy Briefs

Zikos A. & Papanikolaou K. (2013) A Brief Profile of Croatia, In Light of its Accession to the E.U. in July, IEIP Policy Brief 1/2013

Research Project Publications

(2012) “Lisbon Watch” Annual Report, IEIP Lisboan Project Deliverable, Issue 2, May 2012

(2011) “Lisbon Watch” Annual Report, IEIP Lisboan Project Deliverable, Issue 1, June 2011

Working Papers Research Unit Turkey

Kotsiaros A. (2007) Turkish National Elections 2007: Choosing between democracy and authoritarianism, IEIP Working Paper RUT-WP 03/2007