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They include scientific analyses, which, among others, emerge from research on the part of the Institute’s associates. Moreover, in this category may fall postgraduate papers and PhD dissertations.

Dikaios G. (2016) Compliance Committees and their Contribution in the Implementation of International Environmental Agreements, IEIP Research Papers, 1/2016 (available in Greek)

Ktenas C. G. (2016) China and climate change: The Dragon's breath, IEIP Research Papers, 2/2016 (available in Greek)

Antonopoulos E. (2016) Safety in Offshore Drilling: From the Gulf of Mexico accident to the Directive 2013/30/EU. The economic dimension of integration, IEIP Research Papers, 3/2016

Konstantinidou D. (2017) The European climate governance before and after the Paris Agreement, IEIP Research Papers, 5/2017 (available in Greek)

Aretaki M. (2017) The Democratic Dilemma: The Banning of Political Parties in ECHR's Jurisprudence, IEIP Research Papers, 6/2017 (avaiable in Greek)

Kaminiaris-Kontostavlos O. A. (2018) Cooperation within the framework of the Arctic Council: Environmental Protection, IEIP Research Papers, 7/2018 (available in Greek)

Dimitriadi A. (2018) New dimensions of cultural diplomacy: the case of the European Union, IEIP Research Papers, 8/2018